Individual emotional regulation and relational emotional regulation

Emotions are an intrinsic part of our lives and their power is huge.
They make us feel fantastic and they can make us feel hopeless. Feelings and emotions are the heart of our decision making. They play a pivotal role in how we determine and respond to situations. Think about it. When something ‘feels right’ we want to go for it. When something ‘feels wrong’ we are in doubt about what to do, or we don’t want it.

To be able to deal effectively with our emotions we need healthy emotional regulation. If that is not the case, we can feel stuck, experience negative emotions, and have disturbing relationships as they influence how we experience ourselves and respond to others.

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What is RETaC about?

>  Individual emotional regulation.
With RETaC you learn how to change unwanted behaviors that emerge from how you feel. The impact of that can be life changing because how we feel, determines our daily choices and decisions.

>  Relational emotional regulation.
Relationships are the one area where deep emotions emerge. The more intimate the relationship – be it with lover, friend, children, siblings, close family – the deeper the feelings impact us. With RETaC you will rediscover what you truly feel and how you can be part of a healthy relationship.

The neuroscience research, behind how our emotional brain works has led to RETaC.

Relation Emotion Therapy and Coaching, traces and unravels the various (unconscious) feeling patterns that regulate our emotions and responses and transforms them into new resourceful felt experiences. Once that happens, our reaction patterns immediately change because their source changed. Not only do you learn to react differently with RETaC, but you feel differently which makes you react differently!

The transformations with RETaC are so profound that many therapists and coaches want to learn about how emotional regulation works, and how that is the key to deep and sustainable transformation. RETaC explains why much relationship therapy, emotional work, advice and techniques do not work when it is needed. RETaC will change the way you think change works!

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Meet the main Team

Wassili Zafiri

Alexandra Efthimiadou

Yanis Athanasopoulos

They have said about RETac & the Team

RETaC methodology has allowed us to work as a couple again! To trust, to understand & blend as a family & couple.
John & Veronica
Wassili gets the best out of people and this material! I think he is a fantastic trainer.
Lucas Derks, PhD
Social psychologist, author and developer of 'Mental Space Psychology'
Is there anything more beautiful than to (re)discover your real self, to make that so powerful, that you can step into life without fear. No fear: you won’t change, you will find the one you are, and you never want to go back.
Stephan Pröpper

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