become a RETaC coach & practitioner

>   Do you want to learn the secrets behind the feelings and emotions that regulate our responses?
>   Are you curious about what hidden information is behind disturbing relationships?
>   Do you want to give yourself the opportunity to discover how to transform emotional regulation problems in a sustainable way within (your) self, for others and in relationships?

Joing our next RETaC Training in Sep 30- Oct 04, 2022!

A new method of coaching and therapy

RETaC is about a new method of coaching and therapy. The neuroscience research behind how our emotional brain works has led to RETaC.

Relation Emotion Therapy and Coaching, traces and unravels the various (unconscious) feeling patterns that regulate our emotions and responses and transforms them into new resourceful felt experiences. Once that happens, our reaction patterns immediately change because their source changed.

Not only do you learn to react differently with RETaC, but you feel differently which makes you react differently!

The transformations with RETaC are so profound that many therapists and coaches want to learn about how emotional regulation works, and how that is the key to deep and sustainable transformation. RETaC explains why much relationship therapy, emotional work, advice and techniques do not work when it is needed. RETaC will change the way you think change works!

Who is this training for?

(Relationship) Therapists / Family Constellation therapists
RETaC is new and changes your view on how emotions arise and how unconscious feelings determine how partners/ people respond to each other. A different and innovative way to guide clients.

Coaches / Psychologists / Mediators
RETaC is a tremendous asset to your ability to understand clients and analyze problems. You will also learn hands-on tools that you can use directly in your practice.

Relation Emotion Therapy and Coaching is the training to transform emotional and relational problems in a sustainable way.

Anyone who wants to learn how emotions are made and how you can change them can participate in this training.

a few words from Wassili

Wassili is an NLP Master Trainer, the developer of RETaC, coach, researcher, author, public speaker, with a 25 year of experience in the fields of personal and organizational change.

If you are interested to become a RETaC specialist, a RETaC practitioner, the first step is to sign up for the RETaC Foundation skills training and then move on with the advanced training. See the program details below and contact us for an application.

Program Details

RETaC Foundation Skills : 3 Training days

 The neuroscience of emotions 

  • Learn the latest knowledge about how your emotional brain works.
  • Master the new theory about how emotions arise.
  • Playfully investigate and practice the foundations of how emotions arise.
  • Examine your own patterns in relationships
  • Comprehend your own feelings and learn where they come from.


Mapping emotion and relationship problems

  • What basic issues can arise in relationships?
  • What are the problems of a blended family?
  • Why do we blame each other for our feelings?
  • The secret of crisis in a/your relationship.
  • You will learn how to map relationship emotion prediction loops.
  • You will learn how your relationship emotion prediction loops change, in yourself and each other.


Transform (relationship) emotions

  • Investigate your own relationship issues.
  • Look into your own problematic patterns.
  • Transform patterns in yourself and patterns in your relationships.
  • Learn how to guide others in transforming deep feelings and patterns.
  • Change patterns in yourself that have been playing for (many) years.
  • Discover how to redesign new prediction loops.

What will you learn?

It will enable you to get to the heart- and solve individual and relational, emotional regulation issues, like you never have before.

Learning one of the most profound change methods, you will discover how to apply emotional regulation work to help (your) self and others solve issues in a way that is remarkably deep, simple, and sustainable.

RETaC (Relationship Emotion Therapy and Coaching) is not the same as EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy).

RETaC is based on recent neuroscience research that stipulates that the source of our emotions lies in one of the most important functions of our brain: to predict what will happen. These prediction patterns create our emotions and the way we react in relation to others, in relation to situations, in relation to our own concerns.

A precise process is used to trace unconscious predictions. In such a way that we can structurally change these predictions. And the emotions related to those predictions.

Dates of Training

30 Sep – 04 Oct 2022

Location of Training

Poros island, Greece
Golden View Beach Hotel