the RETaC retreat

“Relationships” are one of the important facets of our lives where feelings and emotions can substantially influence us. The more intimate the relationship – be it with lover, friend, children, siblings, close family – the deeper the feelings and the more pivotal the role they play in how we make decisions and respond to the other side.

At the same time these feelings (unconsciously) influence our-self and how we experience ourselves and respond to the others.

Wonderful feelings emerge when all is well and sometimes dramatic feelings step in when problematic issues, disturbed relationship patterns and negativity come up.

Joing our next RETaC Retreat in Greece [Sep 30- Oct 04, 2022]

A new method to regulate Feelings & Emotions and our responses to others

The RETaC model is a highly effective method that emerged from new neuroscientific research by Lisa Feldman Barrett (among others).

Relation Emotion Therapy and Coaching, traces the various (unconscious) feeling patterns that regulate our emotions and responses and transforms them into new resourceful felt experiences. Once that happens, our reaction patterns immediately change because their source changed.

Not only do you learn to react differently, but you feel differently which makes you react differently!

That explains why so much relationship and emotions regulation therapy, advice and techniques do not work when it is really necessary.

Another aspect, that neuroscientific research shows, is that these emotions cannot be overruled with our cognition, unless we can unravel the pattern that follows.

Who is this retreat for?

Couples & Singles! 

It can be challenging to start and maintain a healthy loving a relationship. There is a reason why there are so many relationship counselors.

The controversial Jordan Peterson advises against divorce, no matter how difficult it can be in the relationship. Why? The statistics show that divorced partners with children both get off badly. In a financial sense, in terms of starting a new relationship and in terms of emotions.

In a way we agree with him. Don’t get us wrong, we are not advocating that people should stay in a relationship that causes all kinds of distress.

We do think that relationship suffering presents a huge opportunity for both partners.

An opportunity to learn to understand something about yourself that is fundamental to ourselves. Because this “something” probably played a role in previous relationships as well. Something that will likely play a role in a future relationship as well

If you are interested in joining the retreat and make changes and swifts in your emothional life … drop us a line and we will sent you all information you want

Retreat Details

 To be uploaded soon

Dates of Retreat

30 Sep – 04 Oct 2022


Poros island, Greece
Golden View Beach Hotel