Wassili Zafiris is NLP Master Trainer, developer, coach, researcher, author, public speaker. He has 25 years of experience in the fields of personal and organizational change. Wassili was the mental coach of the Dutch Women’s Volleyball team.


In 2017 he received a fellowship from the International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine. He wrote ‘Stress and relaxation in the workplace’ for the Oxford Textbook of Organisational Psychological Medicine that will be published in the course of 2023.


Wassili is the author of Happiness is Depressing (2019) a step by step guide (for professionals and clients) to transform the main causes of depression: loneliness, adversity, negative self-image. He is the developer the RETaC methodRelation Emotion Therapy and Coaching, a methodology of working with emotions in relationships based on the latest neuroscience.


Wassili also is co-author of the twice nominated book Meaningful Profit* (Best Business book 2011, Best Management book 2012) about his applied research of personal leadership and resilience during organizational transformation.


He is co-developer of the business model ‘Meaningful Profit’ and Faculty member of the Global School for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Wassili developed the MAPS model of advanced goal setting and the HRM (Health Recovery Method). He teaches Masterclasses ‘Leadership’ at Nyenrode Business University. Wassili developed the model Driven by Nature about the essential drives of people. He is past board member of the Dutch ICF (International Coach Federation) and fulfilled European posts for the ICF. He has a passion for nature and is Climate Leader with Al Gore.
*IK BEN niet alleen op de wereld (Dutch title)